Summit Day Two

08:00a.m  -  09:00a.m

Welcome Coffee

09:00a.m  -  09:15a.m

Chair’s Opening Remarks


Pat Roberts - Managing Director  - LNG-Worldwide LtdPat RobertsManaging Director LNG-Worldwide Ltd

09:15a.m  -  10:15a.m

SESSION 6A – The Role of Latin America & The Caribbean in the Global LNG Market


Juan Oliva Vasquez - Head of Gas & Fuels LatAm - Enel (Chile)Juan Oliva VasquezHead of Gas & Fuels LatAmEnel (Chile)
Jose María Castro - General Manager - SPEC LNGJose María CastroGeneral ManagerSPEC LNG
Kasciandro Senem - Gas & Power Manager - PetrobrasKasciandro SenemGas & Power ManagerPetrobras

Case Studies from Latin America & the Caribbean

  • Case Study: Understanding the needs of buyers and trading flows in Latin America
                  Juan Oliva Vasquez, Head of Gas & Fuels Latam, Enel (Chile)
  • Case Study: Exploring Colombia and its potential role in LNG transactions
                 Jose María Castro, Director, New Business, SPEC LNG (Colombia)
  • Case Study: The Changing Dynamics of Brazil LNG market
                 Kasciandro Senem, Gas & Power Manager, Petrobras (Brazil)


10:15a.m  -  11:15a.m

SESSION 6B – Panel Discussion: Understanding the Requirements to Build a Long-Term Sustainable Industry in Latin America and the Caribbean


Session Chair: Vera de Gyarfas - Partner - King & SpaldingSession Chair: Vera de GyarfasPartnerKing & Spalding
Eduardo Maranhão - CEO - CELSEEduardo MaranhãoCEOCELSE
Alexandre Chiofetti - CEO - Gas Trading  - Grupo Leros (Brazil)Alexandre ChiofettiCEO - Gas Trading Grupo Leros (Brazil)
George Nemeth - Director - LNG Business Development - The AES CorporationGeorge NemethDirector - LNG Business DevelopmentThe AES Corporation
Esteban Papanicolau - Executive Director - GasPorto International LLC (El Salvador)Esteban PapanicolauExecutive DirectorGasPorto International LLC (El Salvador)

  • Latin America demand outlook

          - How much US gas is going there?

          - Which other countries are supplying the region?

  • Regional advocacy: educating the industry

          - The role of regulators in emerging and established markets

          - What do Latin countries need to do in order to develop the industry and attract investors?

          - The competitiveness and benefits of gas versus coal, oil and renewables

  • What are the financial needs of those smaller markets?
  • Credit worthiness challenges
  • Synergies and strategic partnerships across the value-chain
  • Offering flexibility to supply hydro based markets
  • What are the volume and contract requirements across the region?
  • Caribbean spotlight

          - Emerging countries and new opportunities in the region

          - Infrastructure challenges and plant design

  • The appetite for LNG in Central America
11:15a.m  -  11:45a.m

Networking Coffee-Break

11:45a.m  -  12:45p.m

SESSION 7 – Driving More LNG Use Through New Infrastructure Investments: How are New Technologies Impacting the LNG Business?


Session Chair: Stephen Shulman - Managing Director, Global Energy Group - Overseas Private Investment CorporationSession Chair: Stephen ShulmanManaging Director, Global Energy GroupOverseas Private Investment Corporation
Asish Mohanty - Managing Director – Americas - Galway GroupAsish MohantyManaging Director – AmericasGalway Group
Aziz Bamik - North America General Manager - GTTAziz BamikNorth America General ManagerGTT
Tadas Matulionis - Director of LNG Terminal - Klaipedos Nafta ABTadas MatulionisDirector of LNG TerminalKlaipedos Nafta AB
Gonzalo Ramirez - Director - Development - Excelerate Energy L.PGonzalo RamirezDirector - DevelopmentExcelerate Energy L.P

Liquefaction capacity

  • How are EPC companies adapting to the current challenging market?
  • What are the current trends in liquefaction design capacity to achieve maximum unit cost reduction?
  • How low can it go on liquefaction costs?
  • How can EPC companies  and sponsors collaborate and better allocate risks so that new projects can progress?

Floating regas technology and commercial business models

  • What are the benefits of FSRUs vs onshore terminals for Latin America?
  • Are FSRUs the most cost-effective technology to open new markets in the region?

          - Utilisation rates

          - Seasonality factors

  • How much demand could FSRUs unlock in the next 10 years and where?
  • New approaches to financing regasification terminals


  • Reducing shipping cost through new technology and design innovation
  • New trends and technical developments: What does the future hold?
  • Are small-scale LNG ships the most efficient solution?
12:45p.m  -  01:45p.m

Networking Lunch

01:45p.m  -  02:45p.m

SESSION 8 – Panel Discussion: Will LNG as a Fuel Become a Relevant Source of Demand in the Region?


Session Chair: Richard Meyer - Manager, Energy Analysis & Standards - American Gas AssociationSession Chair: Richard MeyerManager, Energy Analysis & StandardsAmerican Gas Association
CAPT Jason Smith - U.S. Coast Guard Detachment Chief - Liquified Gas Carrier National Centre of ExpertiseCAPT Jason SmithU.S. Coast Guard Detachment ChiefLiquified Gas Carrier National Centre of Expertise
Peter Keller - Executive Vice President - TOTE Inc.Peter KellerExecutive Vice PresidentTOTE Inc.
Adi Aggarwal - Program Manager - Global Gas SolutionAdi AggarwalProgram ManagerGlobal Gas Solution

Hosted By

  • LNG Fuels Council

  • What are the main benefits and challenges of LNG as a transportation fuel?
  • Where is most of the new demand in the Americas coming from- Marine, Road or Industrial?
  • Regulatory oversight of maritime LNG Fueling operations
  • What is the real cost of LNG bunkering and is it competitive with liquid fuels?
  • Where are the current opportunities and potential in the regional markets?
  • What is the outlook for demand growth 2017 – 2020 and 2020 to 2025?
02:45p.m  -  03:30p.m

SESSION 9 – Panel Discussion: LNG Trading, New Hubs and Pricing in the Americas


Carlos Wheelock - LNG Americas - VitolCarlos WheelockLNG AmericasVitol
Paul Maley - Head of LNG Supply & Origination - RWE Supply & Trading GmbHPaul MaleyHead of LNG Supply & OriginationRWE Supply & Trading GmbH
Chris Pedersen - North American LNG Analyst/Managing Editor - S&P Global PlattsChris PedersenNorth American LNG Analyst/Managing EditorS&P Global Platts

  • How much volume is likely to be traded globally short term and spot by 2020?
  • Is there likely to be more standardisation in LNG trading contracts to accommodate the growth in short term trading?
  • Will LNG become more commoditised as a result?
  • Current and future role of Henry Hub in LNG short term trading
  • Will USGC FOB become a new pricing index by 2020?
    - What is needed to develop it as a new regional pricing index?
    - How liquid could it be by 2020?
  • What’s the role of portfolio players and how are they impacting trading in the region?
    - What new approaches are they bringing to short term trading?
  • Are Latin American buyers more interested in short term LNG trading than long term contracts?

End of CWC World LNG & Gas Series Americas Summit 2017


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